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Kina Dip Recipe

Makes enough for 8 as a snack, and also very good tossed with pasta. This will thicken overnight in the fridge, a great texture to spread on toast and have with crispy bacon for breakfast! Recipe by  Peter Gordon from HomelandPhotos by Jono Parker.


1 pot drained kina (approx. 150g)
1 large lime or lemon
A small handful parsley leaves
200g cream cheese
Salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste


1.     Grate ½ tsp of the zest and juice the lime
2.     Place in a small food processor with the kina and parsley
3.     Puree everything until smooth, use a spatula to wipe the sides down
4.     Add the cream cheese and a good amount black pepper and puree again
5.     Add salt and any kina juice to taste


NZ Kina Dip


Watch how this dish was prepared.


This recipe was created using our Chatham Island Kina...