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  • Do you deliver to RD addresses?

    Yes, we offer Rural Delivery NZ wide! This can sometimes add an extra day onto delivery time, so to ensure your seafood arrives in pristine condition, we pack all our RD boxes with extra gel ice and biodegradable wool-cool insulation. To cover this cost along with extra courier fees we charge an extra $10 per box for RD Deliveries. RD Deliveries are only dispatched Monday - Wednesday to ensure they arrive to their destination prior to the weekend.

  • Will I receive a tracking number when I order?

    Yes, once your order label has been printed, you will receive an email with a tracking number. You will receive another email once your order has been packed and dispatched. Please keep a close eye on this to ensure you receive your order from the courier and place it immediately in the freezer.

  • How long after purchase will my delivery be made?

    Standard deliveries are dispatched Monday - Wednesday and you should receive your order within 48-hours' of dispatch.

    Rural deliveries are dispatched Monday - Wednesday to ensure they arrive before the weekend. Please allow an extra day for rural deliveries.

  • Is the Chatham Blue frozen in a lump or individually?

    Our Chatham Blue fillets are individually layered for easy separation. Each fillet is placed into the box with the utmost care to ensure no individual fillet touches another. You can simply break each fillet away as you need it.

  • Is your fish sustainable?

    All of our Chatham Blue is pot caught and as an Island community we have recently increased mesh size over and above what is required. Sustainability is so important to us and our community. Without it we don't have a future. The Chathams is one of the few remaining fishing communities left in NZ. The decisions we make today are based around ensuring my/our children have a positive Island future. The harvest amount is restricted for each species and is managed under the New Zealand Quota Management System. The industry is actively looking at the state of fish stocks all the time and where necessary decreasing or increasing the total allowable catch TACC on an annual basis depending the state of each fish stock. For more info go to MPI Quota Management System here.

  • How do I defrost my fish?

    The best way is to slowly defrost in the fridge – this can take up to 24-hours' but should happen overnight if the fillets are separated.

  • What’s the best way to cook?

    Some of our faves are:

    • * Steamed with ginger and spring onion (steam for 7-9 mins depending of fillet size, add a splash of soy once cooked, serve with rice and stir-fry veggies – Delish!)

    • * Pan fried with butter and herbs, use a generous amount of butter and a little bit of oil. In the pan add thyme and oregano. Slight burn the ingredients then poach the Chatham Blue fillet in the butter mix.

    • * Crispy beer batter Panko breadcrumbs (real winner with the kiddies).