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Chatham Island Food Co delivers the freshest seafood, sourced locally and sustainably. Our tasty Chatham Blue Cod and Kina are frozen within hours of leaving the ocean, so you are guaranteed a delicious catch straight from the ocean to your door. Shipping

Delwyn Tuanui is a seventh generation Chatham Islander. Coming from a long line of island farmers and fishermen, Del set up the Food Co. in 2011 as he wanted to share the island’s great food with the rest of the world, today and tomorrow.

Chatham Island Food Co was born out of challenging times. After having to cull livestock on his 3rd generation family farm due to a downturn on the island that saw the costs of getting product to market become higher than the product was worth, Delwyn decided a change was needed.


He went to Marcus Oldham agricultural College in Victoria to upskill in marketing and business. One night he cooked some Chatham Island blue cod for a bunch of Uni mates and their rave reviews prompted a light bulb moment.


From that point on Del started importing fresh Chatham Island Blue Cod. He borrowed his mate’s ute every Friday morning (heading off at 3am from uni) and personally delivered his fish to some of Melbourne’s top restaurants, where chefs were blown away with the quality and texture of the blue cod.


Chatham Island Food Co grew from these small beginnings and in 2014 Del, with his new wife Gigi, whom he met at Marcus Oldham, moved back to the Island where they purchased a fish processing facility. While there have been many challenges, Chatham Island Food Co continues to grow and innovate. Our focus has always been on working with the best local fishermen to produce seafood of outstanding quality whilst adhering to sustainable fishing practices.


While primarily focused on making our wonderful kaimoana directly available to Kiwis across New Zealand through our online store, all product is export quality and able to be exported worldwide.

Our Crew

Every morning at day break, our incredible team get their gumboots on, sleeves up and into the mahi. They ensure every kilo of our beautiful kaimoana is packed with love and care. Their dedication, attention to detail and high standards ensure our customers are able to experience Chatham Island seafood at its absolute finest.

Our Friends

At Chatham Island Food Co, we work with people and companies who, like us, endeavour to protect the natural environment and its bounty for generations to come.