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Nature at its finest

There’s good reason Chatham Blue is sought out by top chefs around the world. Flavour wise, it really does stand alone. With a delicate sweetness and fresh, subtle oceanic tang, it’s just how you imagine cold water wild fish should taste. Glossy, moist and evenly textured, the white flesh of the Chatham Blue is firm yet fine, breaking off into lush, clean, well defined flakes. In the colder months when the fish fatten up, the flesh takes on a wonderful buttery richness which makes for superb eating.

A fleet of the finest fishermen

Only a ‘chosen few’, recognised for landing first rate product, are selected as they identify the benefits of immediate icing and careful handling in order to deliver superior quality.

Sustainably caught

We use large mesh pots which are highly selective and have a minimum impact on the marine environment. Unlike some other methods, there’s no unnecessary by-catch and the juvenile fish can swim free, sustaining the species and our industry.

Superior Grading

From ocean to your plate, we strive to deliver you the most stunning piece of fish possible.

Our master graders follow precise QA guidelines which govern fish yield and fat content ensuring superb taste and texture is retained and consistent. Frozen within hours to lock in freshness and flavour.

Gourmet Dining from Home

Our convenient 1.7kg boxes of Chatham Blue are the perfect size for your home freezer. Blast frozen at source to lock in the freshness and flavour, and individually layered for easy separation. 


Hear what our customers have to say


" Well we have just eaten the BEST EVER blue cod from Chatham Island Food Co. Honestly could not recommend this fish & the service - Ocean to Door more highly! Looking forward to the Paua. "

- Bridgitte Paterson

" You guys rock. Best blue cod ever last night. Was absolutely delicious.. Thank you "

- Kim Wilkinson

" We got our first box on Friday, had some last night and it is fantastic, best fish we have eaten in a long time. Thank you Chatham Island Food Co. ❤️ "

- Susan Busch