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Chatham Island Food Co Tours


The story of the Chatham Islands is one of secluded wilderness, rugged beauty and resilience. But most of all, it’s a story of people and their connection to land and sea. Located some 800 km east of New Zealand, the Chathams were the last major Pacific Island to be settled; today they provide sanctuary to one of the world’s most remote fishing settlements.

Founded in 2011, Chatham Island Food Co brings heritage, resourcefulness, sustainability, and stand alone quality - delivering pristine, internationally renowned seafood, to New Zealand shores and beyond. 

Chatham Island Food Co is now offering island visitors a rare opportunity to glimpse its export operations in action. Each guided tour gives guests the chance to learn about Chatham Island Food Co’s story from founder and 7th generation islander Delwyn Tuanui, and includes: a behind the scenes look at the company's diverse processing facilities, including a viewing of their Paua and Kina livewells; lessons in processing and local seafood delicacies; and of course, the opportunity to purchase some of the world’s most sought-after seafood!


Chatham Island Food Co - Seafood


Tours are available to pre-booked groups of visitors by contacting our Accounts and Logistics Manager


Phone: 03 3050 572