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The wild winds and cold, deep waters of the Chatham Islands create the taste that we call home. A taste we now share with the world.

Each morning we venture out into the big swells, to meet the day's catch. It’s a patient man's game and the haul doesn’t always come easily. There are no short cuts either, we fish the fair way using pots. It takes time but we catch to order, taking only what we need. After 30-40 minutes or so on the sea floor the pots are pulled up to secure the catch.

Our pristine waters are home to our prized Chatham Blue, however we also specialise in Kina and Pāua.

Chatham Island Food Co. practices sustainable fishing and respects the precious resource from the sea. Therefore, we choose to fish the way we do. We offer fresh Chatham Blue fish that is sort after by top chefs around the world. Shop online and have your

Chatham Blue

There’s good reason Chatham Blue is sought out by top chefs around the world. Flavour wise, it really does stand alone. With a delicate sweetness and fresh subtle oceanic tang, it’s just how you imagine cold water wild fish should taste. Glossy, moist and evenly textured, the white flesh of the Chatham Blue is firm yet fine, breaking off into lush, clean, well defined flakes. In the colder months when the fish fatten up, the flesh takes on a wonderful buttery richness which makes for superb eating.


Pāua (Black Abalone)

These melt-in-your-mouth diamonds of the deep are more tender than aged beef when cooked correctly, with a bold texture and flavour to match.

Available in Whole in Shell or Minced Pāua.


Kina (Sea Urchin)

These unique-tasting shellfish fatten and grow sweet a few days after a full moon. A highly prized local delicacy on the Chatham Islands, Kina produces a magnificent roe that is traditionally eaten raw as sashimi, but can also be smoked, or used as a sauce to flavour dishes.