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Sushi Rice Balls Recipe with Chatham Blue Cod

These quick and easy Sushi Rice balls are a fun way pack some serious nutrition into the kiddies! Our 2 year old just loves them! 



Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice Vinegar
100g Chatham Blue Fillets
2 tbls Soy Sauce
1 tbls honey
1 tbls sesame oil
2 tbls black (or white) sesame seeds


    1. Cook sushi rice as pre packet instructions. Add Sushi Rice Vinegar while rice is still hot and stir well.
    2. Dice Chatham Blue Fillets into approx. 1cm cubes
    3. Heat fry pan, add sesame oil, soy and honey.
    4. Add Chatham Blue when hot and stir fry for a few minutes, stirring so it doesn’t burn
    5. Remove fish from heat.
    6. Roll rice into balls, making a well in the middle.
    7. Fill middle of rice ball with the stir fried fish, then close the hole and form a ball.
    8. Roll in sesame seeds.
    9. Continue until you have made your desired amount of rice balls.
    10. Enjoy 😊

    *NOTE: If the rice is sticking to your fingers dip your hands in water first.



    This recipe was created using our award-winning Chatham Island Blue Cod...


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