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New Zealand’s most authentic, remote, travel destination?

The Chatham Islands possess an untouched beauty, unique heritage and a curious history; they’re a great destination for those seeking authentic tourist experiences. As New Zealanders examine their touristic tastes during global lockdown, islanders are welcoming renewed levels of interest in their remote paradise.

Kiwi holiday-makers, it seems, are seeking the less traversed route. They’re searching for unique environments, traditional lifestyles and genuine connections — and are prepared to go further afield for the experience. While picturesque landscapes are still high on the check list, tourists are also prioritising inspiration, discovery and new learning opportunities ahead of leisure.

Chatham Island Tourism

As one of New Zealand’s most isolated territories and last true fishing community, the Chatham Islands have a subtle, yet potent charm that serves these interests well. For one, the Islands are very far removed. So far, in fact, they retain their own unique flora and fauna; time zone; weather system; cuisine; culture and way of doing business. Distance can be a hindrance, sure, but it also serves as a unique selling point.

In terms of attractions, there’s plenty for visitors to sink their toes, tires, tripods and teeth into, including:

  • Nature and eco-tourism
  • Luxury and historic accommodation in truly exotic locations
  • New Zealand’s freshest and finest selection of seafood dishes
  • Authentic New Zealand hunting and fishing experiences
  • Some of New Zealand’s most captivating and camera-ready scenery

Moreover, Islanders remain true to themselves while extending warm hospitality to guests. Tourism on the island is community oriented with accommodation providers helping visitors to arrange transport, guided tours and activities— all of which are owned and operated by local families. Naturally, islanders take an interest in the personal welfare of visitors and their overall experience while on the island.


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