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How to Crumb Fish

Healthy, cost effective, loved by all ages and easy to customise — if there was ever a universal way to prepare quality fish, it would probably be crumbing. No matter what type of white fish your heart is set on, be it Chatham Blue, Hapuka or Snapper, crumbing is the ideal way to add flavour, texture and extra crunch to your meal.
Crumbing entails coating food — in our case beautiful Chatham Blue — in flour, then dipping it in a sticky liquid like egg, and finally in a crumb or crumbed mix. This results in a firm coating that creates a delicious golden crisp when fried. Follow the tips and steps in this blog and learn how to create tasty crumbed fish for your friends and family.

Popular crumb coating options:

Bread and dried coconut crumb

Parmesan & garlic bread crumb

Lemon & pepper bread crumb

What you need:
Fish fillets, skinned, boneless and thawed
Bread crumb/ coating ingredients of your choice
1-2 x eggs
½ cup of flour
Fresh herbs and seasoning of your choice
Cooking oil
Measuring cups; oven dishes or clean plates; a fork and whisking bowl; a frying pan.
How to Crumb Fish

Crumbing tips:

Though quick, crumbing can get messy; that’s why it’s best to prepare an assembly line before beginning. 

Start by placing your ingredients inside oven dishes or serving plates as follows: 

1) thawed fish fillets 2) flour 3) whisked eggs 4) crumb mix

If you’re short on eggs don’t fret. Both mustard and mayonnaise make great alternative binding materials for crumbing — just remember not everyone may like mustard as much as you do!

Try and keep one hand free for dry mixing and the other for wet mixing.

Once you’ve finished crumbing, cover the fish and place them in the fridge for 30 – 60 minutes. This helps the coating stick firmly to the fish and stops it from falling off during cooking

Step #1
Whisk your eggs until they are adequately mixed and pour into a shallow plate. Carefully rinse and pat down your thawed fish fillets, before placing each — one at a time — into your flour mix. Make sure the flour coverage on the fish is even on both sides.
Step #2
Dip each flour-coated fillet into the whisked egg mixture, making sure the mix covers every part of the fillet evenly.
Step #3
Finally, dip the fish fillet in the crumb mix. This mix may also include coconut, cheese, herbs and spices or other flavours of your choosing. Apply a little pressure when lying the fillet on the mix to ensure the coating sticks. Cover your crumb coated fish fillets as advised and let them cool-off in the fridge. 
What to serve with a crumbed fish dish:
Leafy greens; lemon juice and/or quarters; oven roasties; tartare sauce.

This blog was created using our award-winning Chatham Island Blue Cod...

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