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Chatham Blue availability

A Blue Cod pot, guarded by a Chatham gull, sitting ready to be guided through our seas by fishermen with years of finely honed skill in catching our champion Chatham Blue.


If you’re a devoted Chatham Blue fan, you may have noticed that the supply of our award-winning Chatham Blue can vary during certain times of the year.


From October through to March as the weather warms up, our Chatham Island Blue Cod are gifted an abundance of food. The seasonal, warmer ocean currents bring with them Blue Cod’s favourite snack - jellyfish. During these months Blue Cod dine on an all-you-can-eat buffet of jellyfish and are so well-fed they prove much harder to catch for even our most experienced, master fishermen. During these months we will typically be out of stock or only have intermittent supply.


Therefore, April through to the end of September is our Blue Cod season and when we have a steady supply of our award-winning Chatham Blue available. 


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