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Our award-winning Chatham Blue

As the weather warms up our Chatham Island Blue Cod are gifted an abundance of food. The seasonal, warmer ocean currents bring with them Blue Cod’s favourite snack - jellyfish. During these months cod dine on an all-you-can-eat buffet of jellyfish and are so well-fed they prove much harder to catch for even our most experienced, master fishermen.

This means over the next few months we may experience a limited supply. We apologize for any inconvenience and can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support of our small, family-run business at the edge of the world.  

In the meantime, our other Chatham Island delicacies will be plentiful throughout spring and summer - be adventurous and experience the rich ocean flavours of Pāua and Kina or browse our recipes for seafood inspiration.  

We can’t thank you enough for your ongoing support!

Delwyn & Gigi 

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